Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Time For New Things!...Forever!

Hey internet. Sorry we didn't get together last week. I was busy working on that stuff I told you about, and you know how time flies when...wait, what? I haven't talked to you since 2009!? That's crazy internet. That's crazy. Well, whatever. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
In the meantime, you might like to see this little digital experiment/sketch. Remember that time you and all of your friends sat on my tiny European car? Let's hang out more often, ok?


Ming Doyle said...

They're so snazzy! And hey, it's great to see and hear from you again. :)

rico said...

Worth the wait every time sir!

Daniel Krall said...

Thanks Ming and Rico!
Hope you guys are doing well!
I'll be better about coming up for air in the next year :)